The developer community has been working passionately to keep the Lumia and other Windows 10 Mobile smartphones alive and fresh with new experiences. Now, Gustave who is a well-known Microsoft enthusiast has recreated “Lumia color profiles” for Windows 10 on ARM running smartphones.

Lumia color profiles were available natively on Windows 10 Mobile Lumia smartphones and had options to tune Hue, temperature, and saturation of the display.

Gustave has also been able to link the recreated color profile to quick-action buttons on Windows 10 on ARM. As one can see in the screenshots, the color profile is configurable in the advanced options.

If Windows 10 ARM on your Lumia 950/XL interests you and you want to play with it you can do it easily by using the WOA Deployer for Lumia tool. Click here to go to install the tool and for further instructions.