We last reported about the custom MobileShell  that is available ti install for smartphones like Lumia 950 and 950 XL running Windows 10 on ARM. But all the smartphones running Windows 10 on ARM miss a vital feature. Phone capabilities are not available because Microsoft removed calling related APIs from Windows 10 on ARM.

Now, the dev behind MobileShell has teased Phone Dialer on Twitter giving big hope to Lumia 950/XL enthusiast users.

While timeline of its arrival hasn’t been shared it is good to know that it is in works and may land on Lumia 950/XL running windows 10 on ARM one day.

What is even more interesting that the Dialer resembles a lot to the Windows 10 Mobile Dialer giving a feeling of nostalgia. What do you think about this development. Do let us know in comments below.