This week has been an absolute nightmare for those running Windows 10. A few days back we have reported about broken Windows 10 Activation Server which affected users by deactivating their valid Windows 10 license. Another new bug recently hit Windows 10 and now it’s File Association which got broken.

Several users went on complaining that the File Association bug is intervening in the way of opening any file on the operating system. Users are no longer able to select a particular program for a specific file, say, for example, you want to launch a document with Notepad++ but instead of the third party program you end up launching it with the default one(Notepad in this case). The bug has more to offer: you also cannot set a third party solution like Notepas++  as a default.

Acknowledging the issue, Microsoft writes, “After installing this update, some users cannot set Win32 program defaults for certain app and file type combinations using the Open with…command or Settings Apps Default apps.” Microsoft further added, “In some cases, Microsoft Notepad or other Win32 programs cannot be set as the default.”

It appears that those running the Windows 10 April update are facing the issue by the recent cumulative update that rolled out a few days back. But now that we have finally heard from the horse’s mouth things are being expected to get normal as early as next week as Microsoft releases a patch.