Windows 10 users with a valid Windows license are now complaining that they are facing an issue where it displays Windows as not activated. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and confirmed that for some reasons Windows activation server got broken due to which users across the world are facing the problem. Interestingly, the issue is not only causing the deactivation of existing Windows license but also converting Windows 10 Pro license to Windows 10 Home license.

A Reddit user complains:

All of a sudden after years of having this key which was from windows 8 pro then migrated to windows 10 for free, I got a notification saying my key is Windows 10 home version and that I need to install it

Supporting it, another user writes:

I got the exact same problem!!!! I have a GENUINE key from Windows 10 PRO and it suddenly became Windows 10 home!!!

Microsoft is well aware of the broken Windows 10 activation server as we have mentioned above and the company has already started taking effective measures and promises this issue to be fixed within two days. From our side, we have not faced any issue yet but would love to know what’s up with our readers’ PC. Do sound off in the comments section below.