As we already know that  Microsoft pushed Windows 10 Build 17063 (Version 1803) to insiders in the Fast ring and Skip Ahead and you can read all the changes in detail that this build brings by clicking here. The Build also brought some known issues.

In continuation of this Microsoft adds 3 new known issues to Build 17063 known issues list. Check out all the three new known issues here.

  • ADDED 1/4/18: Some PCs will bugcheck (GSOD) when entering into Connected Standby.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: When you open Task View immediately after an upgrade, Timeline may not be visible. If you encounter this, wait 15-30min and try launching Task View again.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: We’re investigating an issue where some Bluetooth devices don’t work on this build and Device Manager shows error 43 for these drivers.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: The Settings app may crash on certain pages if the Settings window isn’t big enough. Windows Update Settings is one of the pages impacted. If you’re experiencing this, maximizing the Settings window (so it’s full screen) will resolve it.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: In certain cases, USB devices with unreliable connections may cause bugchecks (GSOD) on PCs.
  • ADDED 12/21: We are investigating reports that Windows shows that it “needs activation” and trying to activate fails after upgrading to Build 17063. UPDATE 1/4: To get back into an activated state, you’ll need to rollback to the previous build. If rollback is not an option – you’ll have to wait for the next build with the fix