Bing is one of the Microsoft products that face a lot of criticism. And it’s still well behind Google. However, many prefer Bing over Google simply due to the fact that the former is better when it comes to privacy.

And if you’re one of them who uses Bing and Bing Maps all the time, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft’s search engine and Bing Maps are now more useful than ever before as Microsoft added plenty of new functionalities to its search engine, Bing and Bing Maps. Below is what Microsoft has brought to the table.

Real Time Updates

Real time transit trip updates provide information on if your bus or train is delayed, running on time, or even early. Our Bing Maps transit coverage consists of over 250 agencies in 9 different countries including well over 100 in the United States alone.

Trip Frequency

Trip frequency provides users with information on how often a bus or train runs – super useful for when you need to time your departure to a transit stop. For example, the Bus 560 is scheduled to depart every 30 minutes.

Alternate Routes

Finally, we have improved the logic behind alternate transit route selection and now provide alternate transit options on as part of the Directions Answer experience. For example, if there is only one bus route that will get you from A to B, the alternate transit route options will simply be the next departure times for that bus.

Below is a screenshot that highlights each of the new transit options now available:

Bing Maps Transit Improvements