This month at Bing, Microsoft announces new “Bing Gif Search” feature that can Enrich your conversations. As you all know that nowadays Gifs have become an integral part of communication. So if you are building a conversation app you probably need gifs, and we want to tell you why and how you should leverage Bing.

Checkout all the details regarding from Bing Gif Search here.

Why you should choose Bing Gif Search

When integrating gifs into your product, its important you consider the following key points:

1. Are you keeping your customers safe?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of nefarious content that is NSFW out there.  Bing uses the latest in computer vision technology to scan every gif to prune out adult or offensive content.  We also have humans reviewing common queries to keep our search results clean for your users.

2. Is it efficient?

Nobody wants to wade through pages of search results to find the right gif.  We use the latest in AI to ensure we rank highly engaging and relevant gifs at the top of our results.  For example, we use facial analysis to detect exaggerated faces.   We want to get you to your results quicker, so you can spend more time doing what you need to do, not searching.

3. Is it global?

Given the global user base of Bing, the Bing Gif Search API also supports international languages, and we support the same languages across the world that our other Bing Search offerings support. ( See full list of supported markets and languages here.)

Getting Started

1. Get access keys

Bing Gif Search is part of the Bing Image Search umbrella available in Cognitive Services.  We begin the process here by clicking on “Try Bing Image Search” and requesting a free trial.  The keys will then show up along with the proper endpoints on the same page.  Alternatively, you can also purchase a paid subscription from the Azure Portal.

Bing Image Search

2. If going the paid route, create a gif search instance through the Azure Portal.  

Create a Bing Image Search instance by adding the Bing Search V7 service into your subscription.   Enter in the required fields and choose the appropriate pricing tier and region.  Create the resource and your keys will be generated.

Bing Image Search on Azure Portal

3. Using gif search

Once you have the keys, you can start making API calls to the gif search endpoint.  For quickstart options (C#, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, or Ruby), please visit the Bing Image Search documentation and pick your language of choice to start querying the API and viewing the JSON response.  You will need to slightly modify the url parameters for gif search and details are available in the gif search documentation.