Power Automate

Microsoft has announced the availability of nine brand new connectors to the connector lineup in Power Automate.

This brings the total to a great milestone of 400 connectors available to leverage in your flows right out of the box.

Azure AD Identity Protection

“Azure AD Identity Protection is a tool that allows organizations to discover, investigate, and remediate identity-based risks in their environment. With the Identity Protection connector, you have the ability to retrieve information about risky users and risk detections. Additionally, you can give feedback on risky users by dismissing or confirming them as compromised. ”

Visit the Azure AD Identity Protection documentation to learn more.

CDK Drive Customer

“CDK Drive Customer is an API published by CDK Global on the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange Platform. If you’re looking for a connector to help you manage your CDK Drive Dealer Management System (DMS) customer records, this is your connector! You can use it to search, view and update existing records, or create new customers. You can also couple it with other connectors like CDK Drive Service Vehicles, to enrich your integration by associating service vehicles with their respective customers. Fortellis CDK Drive Customer makes creating applications quick and easy across both the sales and service automotive domains.” 

Visit the CDK Drive Customer documentation to learn more. 

CDK Drive Service Vehicles

“Like CDK Drive Customer, CDK Drive Service Vehicles is an API published by CDK Global on the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange Platform. This connector will help you maintain vehicle details on the service vehicle record and keep it up to date! To accomplish this, the connector provides the capability to search, view, create, and update records in the CDK Drive Dealer Management System (DMS). When combined with other Fortellis APIs, this connector will help create an end-to-end app workflow. Fortellis CDK Drive Service Vehicles makes creating applications quick and easy across the service automotive domain.”

Visit the CDK Drive Service Vehicles documentation to learn more.

Cloudmersive Video and Media

“The Cloudmersive Video and Media Service was created to enable customers to effortlessly convert videos, audio files, and media between different file formats at scale and on-demand. Developers can take advantage of powerful encoding that scales automatically and responds on-demand to the most challenging encoding and media services needs.”

Visit the Cloudmersive Video and Media documentation to learn more.


“The GetAccept sales enablement platform can help sales teams close more deals faster with AI powered dealscore and sales coaching, coupled with sales automation and e-signing. The GetAccept connector makes it possible to build custom business apps and easily set up workflows that perform crucial business functions, such as storage of signed documents, or initiating an onboarding process after a document has been signed.”

Visit the GetAccept documentation to learn more.

IN-D Payables

“IN-D Payables is an AI-based invoice processing bot that can smartly extract things that matter most, like PO number, invoice number, and more, from millions of invoices in no time. Built on the IN-D AI engine, Payables is template-free, so it eliminates the need to input invoice design templates at the time of vendor onboarding. Coupled with top-notch extraction quality, your accounts payable process has the potential to become zero-touch.”

Visit the IN-D Payables documentation to learn more.

Microsoft 365 compliance

“Microsoft 365 compliance solutions help you discover, protect, and govern your data, address regulations and standards, and mitigate insider risks. With the new Microsoft 365 compliance connector, you can automate actions for these compliance solutions, including Insider Risk Management and Communications Compliance.  This connector will allow you to automate scenarios in Insider Risk Management, like sending alert and case information to stakeholders and updating case notes. ”

Visit the Microsoft 365 compliance documentation to learn more.

MotaWord Translations

“MotaWord enables professional translation of your documents into 95+ languages with blazing speed. It’s a pioneer of collaborative translation and works with 18000+ professional translators to empower your business in the international stage. With the new MotaWord Translations connector, you can easily build a workflow to submit content for translation, get it translated by professional human translators, track its progress, and get the translations back to your system in a blink of an eye. All of this supported by MotaWord’s unique AI behavior capabilities.”

Visit the MotaWord Translations documentation to learn more.


“Nitro Sign is an eSigning tool that allows you to get your documents electronically signed faster and more securely. With the Nitro connector, you can speed up the eSigning workflow even further by triggering signature requests to your customers or partners at set times, alerting your teams when a signing process is completed, or saving signed documents to your file storage system.”

Visit the Nitro documentation to learn more.