So, if you are not aware, Microsoft is about to press a pause button to the Windows 7 development and that means users will no longer be able to receive any security patch from Microsoft. This will be in effect after January 14, 2020.

However, Microsoft has made an exception to this for their beloved Enterprise customers. Microsoft planned to extend the support for those who do not have plans to upgrade from Windows 7. But, it will cost them a few bucks. Microsoft calls it a Windows 7 Extended Security Updates.

Those who want all the security patches continue¬†to appear on their Windows 7 PC even after the deadline need to pay as much as $25 for the Enterprise edition and $50 for Pro edition (via ZDNet). The pricing is for Jan ’20-Jan ’21 year and the cost will be more for the following year. The plan expires in 2023.

Microsoft, however, does not encourage people to opt-in for the Windows 7 ESU model. This has been done so as to make the transition less painful for enterprise customers.