Microsoft has today announced autofill support for addresses and payment info in Microsoft Authenticator. This support is enabled using Microsoft account making Microsoft Authenticator as the default autofill provider.

For enabling the autofill support for addresses and payment info one needs to go to the Passwords tab in Microsoft Authenticator app, and enable syncing the data. Check the details provided by Microsoft below.

Fill your addresses and payment info across your devices

Just like your passwords, Autofill now stores addresses and payment info using your Microsoft account. If you haven’t already synced your autofill data on your mobile device, open the Microsoft Authenticator app, go to the Passwords tab, and simply start syncing your data. Make sure you select Authenticator as your default autofill provider.

Once you’ve done that, you can now autofill your addresses or payment info by simply opening your favorite apps or sites and choosing from our autofill suggestions.

Mobile autofill address screenMobile autofill payment screen

If you use Google Chrome, you can autofill addresses and payments info using the Microsoft Autofill Extension available on the Google Chrome web store.

Desktop autofill payment screen

Desktop autofill address screen