Microsoft keeps updating it’s apps on all the platforms, whether it’s Android, windows or iOS. The company either tries to bring new features or some improvements to it’s apps across the different platforms.

Now one such app from Microsoft is getting updated. The Microsoft Bing Search app on Android platform is getting updated with new features. The new update comes as app version 8.0.2526860 in the Google Play Store. The update comes with big list of changes and majorly design changes.

Speaking of the changes, the update brings a new home page. New design of home page also brings easy to access voice and camera. New voice search and easily name changing bookmarks feature.


  • Explore a new home page with easy access to voice, camera, and your feed.
  • Over time, the new feed will learn what you like to read.
  • Explicitly dislike a story or the source it came from by tapping on the ’…’ icon on the card.
  • A revamped voice search to be more fun and easier to use.
  • Now easily change bookmark names.
  • Bug fixes, speed improvements, polish and so much more!