Microsoft Edge on Android preview

Fake news is something that all the Intenet companies,¬†Governments are worried about. While other companies such as Facebook are trying to curb fake news by organising various campaigns, Microsoft wants to make sure that you are always on the trusted news portal. NewsGuard’s intimacy with Microsoft Edge makes sure you never waste your time reading stuff online that has a hidden agenda.

Microsoft has a few days back embedded NewsGuard into Microsoft Edge but it wasn’t available for everyone. It first launched the feature as a beta on iOS. The feature is now rolling out to Android as well. Interestingly, we are yet to hear anything about the availability on its very own Windows.

NewsGuard basically tells users whether to trust any source. It does so by providing users a Green-Red rating scale, where Red means you should not trust and Green means you are good to go. Going forward, it would be interesting to see how much potent Microsoft Edge becomes with NewsGuard coming into play and how well does it do what it has been set out to do.