Microsoft Defender ATP Android

Microsoft has made available the Microsoft Defender ATP (Preview) app in the Google Play Store for Android. (via Twitter)

The Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps enterprise users stay protected from cyber security threats such as malicious apps, dangerous web sites that may try to steal information from them.

This app is not a free app and is for business/enterprise users only who have a valid Microsoft 365 E5 license assigned to them

Key features of Microsoft Defender ATP for Android

  1. Automatically warns users of malicious, potentially unwanted apps and APKs that may get installed or copied on to the user’s device.
    • Users can easily find out if an app /APK they are installing is clean
  2. Automatically block malicious web pages that may be clicked from SMS/WhatsApp/Browser/E-mail.
    • Additionally, blocks malicious background connections from apps that may occur on user’s device
    • Allows security admins to create custom indicators (URLs, IP Addresses) for web protection
  3. Built-in integration with Microsoft Defender ATP to provide single pane of glass reporting in Microsoft Defender Security Center portal, which enables Security Operations teams.
  4. Conditional Access integration based on device risk level with Intune
    • Block devices that do not meet organization’s device threat level compliance policy from accessing corporate resources such as e-mail, etc.