Two new features have arrived to Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. The floating Web search widget has got a new icon and can be enabled now to be placed at desktop. The Microsoft Edge web capture has the new feature of capturing subscroller section that was not possible earlier.

Microsoft Edge floating web widget on Windows 10:

The feature of a floating web search widget had arrived earlier with a Canary build. Now with Version 91.0.844.0 in Canary channel, it has received a new icon. Here are the features of this Web widget.

  • You can drag and drop it
  • You can put it anywhere on the screen but it’s sticky, so it automatically sticks to sides.
  • If you drag and drop it on the center of your screen, it automatically sticks to one of the 3 sides, (Top, Right, Left), also got smooth animation when it sticks.
  • It stays always on top of other windows (except for full screen games which I just tested)
  • It launches automatically on Windows startup (unless you disable it from Edge settings or Windows settings)

How to launch:

  • You can launch it by right-clicking on Edge canary shortcut on Start menu and selecting “Launch Web Widget”
  • You can launch it from Edge settings page:  edge://settings/newTabPage
  • You can launch it by pressing Edge’s (…) menu button => More tools => Launch Web Widget

Web capture of subscroller section:

This new feature allows web capture or smart copy in Microsoft Edge to capture the contents of the 2nd scrollbar. It can be enabled by using a flag in Edge Version 91.0.844.0 in canary channel. When enabled, users will be able to select sections of subscrollers when using WebCapture or SmartCopy.

How to enable:

Click on the link below to go to the flag or alternatively go to the edge://flags/#edge-subscroller-area-selection.