Microsoft Edge has received some interesting new features in the Canary channel. There is a mini context sensitive menu with in-built dictionary that is now available on all pages. There is also a new feature related to passwords that tells you whether the password has been reused, or has been leaked or is a “weak” one. 

Mini Menu and in-built dictionary:

Microsoft Edge’s mini-menu feature is now available on all web pages in Canary channel. Previously this mini-menu only worked on PDFs. There is a new built-in dictionary also that now works on all pages in Canary. Check the featured image above.

Mini Menu can be enabled for all sites or can be disabled for specific sites in options.

The in-built dictionary is now available in all menus including the new mini-Menu. This is again available in Canary channel only.

Password health:

Microsoft Edge will let you know easily if your passwords have been reused or are weak. The passwords page now offers that information under Password health. You can sort the passwords alphabetically based on website or health, and you can also choose to show only leaked, reused, or weak passwords.

Warning on password strength & reuse.
Beginning in Microsoft Edge v.91, we will give feedback to you on which of your passwords are weak and/or reused across accounts. This will allow you to stay informed about your security on the web.