Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 has received two more new and interesting features. Microsoft Edge has added a new Edge shopping toolbar button and ability to add Web captures directly to collections in the Canary channel.

Edge shopping toolbar button:

A new Edge shopping button on Toolbar is now visible to some in the Canary channel. This is a controlled roll-out so not everyone in the Canary channel will be able to get this.

As one can see in the screenshot above the Edge shopping button appears just before the web capture button. The Edge shopping will probably provide information about ongoing deals and offers to Microsoft Edge users.

Add web captures directly to your Edge Collections:

Microsoft Edge will soon allow you to add web captures to Edge collections. The feature has again appeared as part of a controlled roll-out in Canary channel. New option of “add to collections” appear now when you do a web capture on Edge. Check the screenshot below.

Once added to the collection it will also get synced across connected devices through the linked Microsoft account.

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