Microsoft has now pushed a new update to the Microsoft Edge app on iOS platform. The app was made available to iOS and Android platforms back in September this year.

The app was released as Preview version to both the platforms. The latest update is now live in the Testflight app from apple. The app comes with version 41.4.0 on iOS.

Coming to the changes, there are a lot. It comes new feature that lets you sync password for your Microsoft account. The company has also done some work on the battery optimisation on the Microsoft edge for iOS. Another major improvement to this app is Introduction of dark theme that was available to Windows 10 only.


  • This update includes password syncing. To enable it, go to “…” menu > Settings > Your Account > Sync passwords. For your security, you’ll need to sign in to your personal Microsoft Account again with Two-factor Authentication. Please try it out and send us feedback if you run into problems!
  • Battery usage optimization: some of you told us that your phone heats up or otherwise consumes more battery when you use Edge. We looked under the hood and found a few optimizations. Let us know if you continue to experience high battery consumption.
  • Improved left/right swiping to go back and forth between pages.
  • Added support for actions and activities extensions, such as sharing sites, saving sites to Notes, adding sites to Pocket, etc.
  • Dark theme – try it out in Settings
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs!