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Microsoft Flow now lets you share your Button Flows and pin to your home screen

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft today added a new valuable capability for Flow buttons which lets you share your buttons with others to run.

According to the company, Flow buttons are very popular among business users as they help them work smarter and faster. With the newly introduced feature, you can easily share buttons which serve your daily work processes. Share buttons with your peers or distribute them to the wider org such that these users can run them as well, thus helping them become more efficient, as well as enforcing the same processes across the organization.

Imagine the following use cases of Flow buttons and the sharing mechanism:

  • If you are a sales representative / account manager – Imagine meeting a customer and then being able to log your meeting notes into CRM at a push of a button. Share this button with the entire sales team to make them all benefit from it!
  • If you are a software developer who has a button for triggering your product build, share this button with your engineering team so they can also leverage it!
  • If you are a project manager who has a button to create a card in Trello, share this button with your team to increase team efficiency!
  • Similarly, imagine a button for keeping count of operations or usage in a Sharepoint list, for opening a bug in Visual studio,for creating a task in Asana, for creating a support ticket in Zendesk and many more.  The list goes on and on – all these can be done using buttons, and can be shared with a team to increase efficiency and consistency.

Watch the short video below to get a clearer idea on how things work.

To learn more about how to share Flow buttons with your team or colleagues, visit this page

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