Intune for Education

Microsoft has been investing a lot in Education over the past year, empowering students and teachers alike to become better writers, presenters and at the same time enabling them to create, edit and share experiences/assignments through a variety of different ways like Windows Ink, Microsoft OneNote for Education, and the more powerful Office 365 for Education.

Today, at the BETT conference in London Microsoft is taking it a step further by introducing a new cloud based management portal which will help school IT admins, or any teacher acting as an IT admin, setup and manage their classroom devices effortlessly and with maximum reliability.

Today, we are announcing Microsoft Intune for Education a new cloud-based application and device management service that is built on the proven Microsoft Intune service, offering easy setup and management in shared learning environments.

Here are some of the key points of Intune for Education:

Simple Windows 10 Management: The express setup feature in Intune for Education makes it easy to set up default policies for all the devices and users in a class, school or district in a matter of minutes. Schools can customize over 150 granular settings, assign them to a student and apply them to hardware, apps, browsers, the start menu, Windows Defender and more.  These settings follow the user to any device when they sign in.

To manage just a few devices, admins or teachers can automatically enroll in Intune for Education by logging in with an Office 365 Education email account. When there are many devices to set up, they can use the Set up School PCs app to set up any number of Windows 10 devices.  The first time a teacher or student logs in to the new device, it is customized for their unique needs.

Easy application deployment: Intune for Education makes it easy to assign and deploy any combination of web apps or education apps from the Windows Store for Business.  Once apps are customized, they are available to users at their next login and follow them to any device, so students and teachers always see the apps they are supposed to see, and no apps they shouldn’t.

Integrated with Microsoft education software and services: Intune for Education and Windows 10 are engineered to integrate easily with other Microsoft cloud services including Office 365 Education. By integrating with School Data Sync, Intune for Education automatically creates groups based on school roster data, so apps and settings can be applied to students, teachers, devices, specific schools, or specific classes or sections with no additional work required. Any changes to the roster will be reflected automatically in the group.  For example, if a student is added to a photography class in the school roster, they will automatically be added to the group in Intune for Education and get the relevant apps. Intune for Education is perfectly suited for schools of any size that want a cloud-based solution to manage their Windows 10 devices. Because Intune for Education is based on Microsoft Intune, larger school districts or schools with large, full-time IT departments can take advantage of cross-platform support to manage iOS and Android devices and integration with System Center Configuration Manager, if they choose. Intune for Education will be available in preview in the coming weeks and broadly available this spring for $30 per device, and via volume licensing.

To sign up for Intune for Education, fill up this request form here