Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has started testing a new way to copy and paste URLs while working inside Microsoft Edge browser. Rolling out to Edge Insiders (canary), this new feature is being referred to as ‘Link format‘.

Link format is an easily readable URL that preserves the details of the URL. With this in place, users no longer need to edit the URL they copy to make them understandable for sharing or remove seemingly extra parameters.

However, users will be given an option to either paste a readable format or the plain-text version from the the context menu, regardless of the default paste setting.

How can you use it?

Starting this week, you should see Link format available on Windows devices running the Canary channel of Microsoft Edge. When you copy from the address bar and right-click to paste, you will see that Paste now has a fly-out menu and that plain-text URL pasting is now Ctrl+Shift+V.

Jump list options from right-click, hovering over “Paste as” to show new options for pasting, “Plain text”, “Link (Default)”, and “Change default”.

If you want to revert this change, you can head to edge://settings/shareCopyPaste (or navigate through the  menu > Settings > Share, Copy & Paste) and select Plain text as the default for your URLs. Once you do that, Ctrl+V will be for the plain-text URL.

Screenshot of the settings page for edge://settings/shareCopyPaste

Source: Microsoft