Edge Canary Update

Microsoft is in the works to release a new feature called “Video Comments” for PDF documents in the Microsoft Edge browser. (see Roadmap for PDF Reader in Edge)

This feature is currently available only in the Canary build of the browser and requires any tester to play around with hidden experimental features aka flags. (Via Deskmodder)

With Video comments, Microsoft is trying to let users add a link to a video on the internet and add a description, so as to enable the reader to get more information about the subject or topic in question.

How to enable Video Comments in Microsoft Edge

  1. In order to enable this feature, a user must download and install Microsoft Edge Canary on their PC/Mac.
  2. Open the browser and type in edge://flags in address bar and hit Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Type in ‘video-comments‘ in the search box. This will narrow down the results.
  4. Set the feature “Add Video Comments in PDF” to Enabled and click on the restart button.
  5. The browser will restart and you are ready to test the Video Comments feature.

Bear in mind, this is a very early build and not all things will work as expected.

In the example below, the YouTube video player fails to play the video.