Microsoft has launched its Bing Rebates program in Beta and it is available now in United States (50 states and Washington, DC only). Bing RebatesĀ  gives Microsoft Rewards members discount when they shop with participating retailers on Bing. Rebates are paid out via PayPal in USD after a retailer confirms the purchase.

You can go to the Microsoft Bing Rebates page and take advantage of rebates offered on various items including.

Page link

How to get rebates:

First, sign into Microsoft Rewards. Search on Bing, and look for search results with Bing Rebates shopping tags.

To make a purchase, click through to the retailer’s website, then shop as you normally would. You should complete your purchase in a single browsing session without leaving the retailer’s site or using a coupon code. Once you complete your purchase the rebate will be credited to your Rewards account. After a brief waiting period, you can transfer rebates to your PayPal.

To earn rebates, you must enable third-party cookies on your browser. This is the default setting on most browsers, but if you have modified settings or installed special privacy software, you may need to return to a standard configuration.

You can read all Microsoft Rebates related FAQs by clicking here.