LinkedIn Lite

Microsoft via LinkedIn has launched a lite version of the official LinkedIn app in India in the Google Play Store for Android. According to LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Lite app is less than 1 MB in size and features job search, make useful connections and news feed etc.

Just like the Messenger Lite / Facebook Lite app, the primary goal of the app is to get more users on board who for some reason couldn’t take advantage of the original LinkedIn app like limited storage capacity of a device and/or slower internet speed at distant places.

LinkedIn Lite app features:

  • Search for people, alumni, seniors, jobs and companies.
  • See all types of jobs including government jobs, MNC jobs, fresher jobs or entry level jobs, tech jobs, software jobs and more.
  • Make useful connections with people who can help you find your dream job.
  • Chat with your connections to get job referrals and career advice.
  • Make your professional profile that shows your skills, education, projects, internships and work experience.
  • Get the latest industry news and updates that can help you stay informed, interviews preparation, etc.

Find the app in the Google Play Store below.

LinkedIn Lite: Easy Job Search, Jobs & Networking
LinkedIn Lite: Easy Job Search, Jobs & Networking