Windows Timeline and Sets are perhaps two of the most anticipated upcoming features for Windows 10. But some disappointment may be in offering for those expecting both features to make the cut for final Windows 10 RS4 (Version 1803) release.

In the last Windows Insider webcast, Microsoft’s Jason Howard confirmed Windows Timelines‘ arrival with the final RS4 release. But Sets feature is not going to make the cut apparently. This news comes after the mail sent to millions of insiders by Microsoft’s EVP Terry Myerson in which he confirmed that both Timeline and Sets features are arriving soon in a new Preview build.

So, while Sets feature may land up in one of the insider builds for testing and feedback it again may not be available even to all of the insiders.  This is what was mentioned in the mail sent by Terry.

With Sets specifically, we’ll introduce a controlled study into WIP so that we can more accurately assess what’s working and what’s not. That means a smaller percentage of you will initially get Sets in a build. It also means that some of you won’t get it at all for a while, as we compare the usage and satisfaction of task switching in Windows for people who have sets versus people who don’t. Eventually everyone will get Sets — but it could be awhile.

But now it is confirmed that even after being tested with help of insiders Microsoft will not release Sets to everyone with Windows 10 RS4 aka Version 1803. You can check more about sets along with the official demo video by clicking here.