MS NokiaSamsung and Apple have piggybacked on Chinese vendors, expressing concerns over Microsoft-Nokia deal, says a report from Bloomberg. If you remember we reported about China exercising extra caution in approving the deal over apprehensions of many local vendors like ZTE, Lenovo and Xiaomi, who fear that after this deal gets approved, they need to shell higher licensing fee to Nokia.

Now, the latest report from Bloomberg claims that both Samsung and Apple have joined the Chinese vendors in expressing similar concerns over Microsoft-Nokia deal in China. They are worried about Microsoft getting more ruthless with its patents too.

Google and Samsung asked China’s Ministry of Commerce to make sure that the 5.44 billion euro ($7.5 billion) bid doesn’t result in higher fees on wireless technology patents that will remain with Nokia, the two officials said, asking not to be identified because the request wasn’t made public. They’re also concerned Microsoft will gain more power over the smartphone market and may abuse its patents, according to the people.

Still the Bloomberg’s sources, which are unnamed Chinese ministry officials, said that the deal is likely to get approved.

China’s Ministry of Commerce is conducting an anti-monopoly review and is likely to approve the deal, the officials said. The question is whether the ministry will demand the companies guarantee that the agreement doesn’t result in higher patent fees, the officials said.

While, Nokia and Microsoft plan to close the deal within Q1 2014, seems the China angle may have caused some delays and it may be over soon, hopefully.