OneDrive iOS app

Microsoft OneDrive app is receiving an update in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Version 12.0.2 is available for download and carries along new features both for iOS 13 and iOS 14 users.

What’s New

Whether you use OneDrive for your personal photos and files or for work or school, we’ve got a big app update for you.

For iOS 13 & 14 users, we’ve got a new tab, just for you:

  • We’ve added a new Home tab to help you pick up where you left off, fast. The new Home tab prominently features your Recent view for easy access to your files and an Offline Files section to quickly access and manage files you’ve downloaded for offline access.
  • For OneDrive personal users, On This Day is now featured at the top of your new Home tab.
  • For users of OneDrive at work or school, you can easily get to your Shared Libraries right from the Home tab.

We’re thrilled to offer iOS 14 users a OneDrive widget. We’ve made 2 improvements to it in this update:

  • We’ve fixed an issue causing an unexpected dialog to show when you tapped the widget to sign into a personal account.
  • We’ve improved our widget to show even sharper, crisper image previews.

We’re continuing to invest and improve the Camera Upload feature. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re investing in this experience. There’s still more to do and we’re constantly working to improve, so stay tuned.

  • We’ve updated how we upload your camera roll photos to increase the upload performance, uploading more content with fewer calls.
  • The camera upload feature will now pause if the app can’t access all your photos and provide easy steps to get it running again.
  • We’ve fixed a bug causing the app to terminate in the background for many users.
  • We fixed a bug with the notification for “Camera Upload has stopped” which was causing it be quite noisy and annoying.

We’ve added some additional improvements to help you work with your files and folders:

  • There was a crash affecting on premises users directly after sign in. This has been fixed.
  • We updated our folder iconography to better highlight shared status in list and grid view. This also comes with subtle improvements to some Office file type icons in the app.
  • We’ve added Scribble support, allowing users to write in any text field, including PDF annotation mode, so your writing will automatically be converted to typed text.
  • Our loading screens now shimmer with a little more predictability and pizazz than they did before.
  • We fixed a visual bug with where the + button wasn’t showing with the right colors in Dark Mode.
  • We fixed an issue with our accessibility label for InputTextField so this can be read properly by VoiceOver.
  • We updated our logic for calculating when you might be in a meeting to optimize our “Meeting Note Share” feature which enables you to easily share your scans taken during a meeting with other attendees.
  • We fixed a crash in our app that sometimes occurred when attempting to take a scan.
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‎Microsoft OneDrive