Microsoft has pushed a new update for the Microsoft Photos app for the Windows 10 devices running Fall creators update. This update brings an intelligent feature “choose a star” to the app. The feature allows one to weave a story with help of photos and videos featuring oneself or anyone else you may like in the story.

The Photos app creates and offers many remixed versions of the story using photos, videos chosen by you and adds soundtrack, theme and cinematic transitions.

How to use “choose a star feature”:

Identify which photos and videos you want in your story


Select the “Create” button on the top toolbar. Choose “Automatic video with music” and select content. Click the “Create” button on the top toolbar again and title your video. Then select “Create video.”

Customize your video by remixing it

Remix it for me

Once you’re happy with your content selections, sit back and watch the app do its magic. Click the “Remix it for me” button until you find a story you like.

Choose the star of the film

Choose a star

Once the story is just right, use the “Choose a star” feature and the video will focus around that special person.

Save and share with your friends

Download the file or upload to social media, so all your friends can watch your creation.