As far as we know Windows platform lacks good apps in store. To solve this issue Microsoft introduced some new ideas including app bridges like Astoria , Islandwood etc. But there is no more news about Astoria and it seems like Microsoft dropped Astoria bridge. It have so many reasons.  Main reason is the apps produced by Astoria can only work with phone, but Islandwood products will be universal Windows apps which can work with Mobile , Tablets and Desktop PCs. So Microsoft prefers Islandwood than Astoria. As we know ios have some good quality apps also. So this will help to overcome the app gap of Windows platform. There were not much news about this app bridges till now, But today Microsoft posted a tutorial about Islandwwod for developers who wish to port their app using Islandwood in Windows blog.

Here are the minimum requirements

  • A PC running Windows 10, with Visual Studio 2015 and the Windows Bridge for iOS installed. You can download Visual Studio from the Windows Dev Center and find the latest release of the bridge on GitHub here.
  • A Mac running Mac OS X 10.11 with Xcode 7 installed. If you want to run the iOS project on an actual iOS device, you’ll also need a paid Apple Developer account.

If you are a developer and interested to port your app to Windows then go to this link and explore the tutorial.