School Data Sync

Microsoft’s School Data Sync (SDS) is an online classroom automation system that empowers Schools IT administrators to create online classrooms and users in Office 365, hence simplify the security with a single, tractable source for user profiles and rosters that all classroom applications can use.

The service has been in the preview phase for a while and now Microsoft is moving ahead to make it generally available to all Office 365 Education customers.

SDS helps schools automatically create online classrooms in Office 365 from their Student Information System (SIS or MIS). SDS supports virtually every SIS on the market, and hundreds of customers in over 20 countries have already used it to sync over 100,000 teachers and 2 million students.

If you are a school IT admin and interested in SDS, you can fill out this request form to sign up, and Microsoft will help you to deploy it—for free (for a limited time).

See the School Data Sync Demo for a brief overview of SDS.

School Data Sync

For an in-depth information on SDS, visit this page