Microsoft announced that it is now enabling developers to submit their ARM64 apps in the Microsoft Store. This comes as into being as the software giant released Visual Studio 15.9 in which developers will have the luxury to take advantage of the SDK and tools to develop ARM64 apps. Microsoft is also making it easy for developers to recompile their existing Win32 and UWP apps so that it can run natively as an ARM64 app.

This could finally open the floodgates of powerful desktop apps like Adobe Photoshop, meaning an ARM PC with powerful Qualcomm cheap can easily handle all those powerful operations or at least it sounds like that on paper.

Developers can use Visual Studio 15.9 today to recompile apps – both UWP and C++ Win32 – to run natively on Windows 10 on ARM devices. Running natively allows applications to take full advantage of the processing power and capabilities of Windows 10 on ARM devices, resulting in the best possible experience for users.

Moreover, now that Windows S is just a mode, users who want to make Windows 10 a lockdown ecosystem and yet want to enjoy all the flexibility could possibly do that. All this would, of course, depend on developers. Whether they are at all interested in developing ARM64 apps or even bother to recompile them that remains to be seen.