Microsoft Flow

Microsoft has introduced Teams connector for Flow. As you know, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that brings people, conversations and content together to make collaboration fun and achieve more.

With the new Teams connector, you will be able to alert your team of any new activity by pushing messages to an existing Teams channel. Hence, you can create workflows to automate complex processes while keeping your team up to date.

For example – you can build flows to monitor all activity on social media forums and alert your team about events that are unexpected or require action.

Here are some of the use cases of Teams Connector and Flow:

Create a flow to monitor all activity against a specific hashtag on Twitter. Use the Text Analytics connector to analyze the sentiment of the tweeted text. Alert your team if a negative sentiment is found. Use this template

Monitor suggestions posted to UserVoice and use the Cognitive Services LUIS connector to predict the intent of each suggestion. If a feature request is detected, post the suggestion to your Teams channel and capture the description in your OneNote for Business. Use this Template 

A popular scenario in Flow is approvals. Imagine that you require approval for each new item added to a Sharepoint list. This item can be a new deal, vacation request, release detail, etc.  Now you can setup a workflow to request approval for each new item and alert your team when the approval request is completed. Use this template

More Templates

Check out our gallery of Teams templates to start using out of the box or customize per your scenario.