Microsoft today has rolled out an update for Microsoft To-Do on Windows 10. Besides, taking the app version to version 1.48.2102 it introduces some important new features and of course, fixes a few bugs.

With the latest update installed, you can add any list or smart list to the Windows Start menu, exactly like how you pin different web pages on your taskbar. There are also improvements in ink gesture, accessibility and many more. You can read the official changelog below.

Official Changelog

  • Not satisfied with having only one list in the Live Tile? We have good news for you: now you can add any list or smart list to the Windows Start menu.
  • Have you already tried our ink gestures? If so, you may have noticed that we did not ask you twice if you wanted to cancel something to do when you scratched it. Now we will ask you if you are sure, if you really are, really sure.
  • Do you have too many late activities that you do not want to face today? We have improved our accessibility so that it is now possible to compress and expand the different groups in the smart lists.
  • We have temporarily removed the ability to move a task to any list during the search. We are giving you back this ability.
  • We were doing fun things with the order of your lists when you tried to rearrange multiple tasks. We corrected that mistake today

Download the Microsoft To-Do app here.