When Microsoft released Windows 10 aka Threshold, there were ongoing rumors about Windows Redstone which is expected to arrive next year in two waves same like Windows 10 TH1 and TH2 this year.

Few weeks ago we reported that Microsoft has started the development of Windows Redstone. The next major update (Windows Redstone) for Windows 10, which is expected to bring lots features and improvements like extension support for Microsoft Edge, though it is in very early phase of development.

Now WinBeta reports that Microsoft is going to improve continuum feature on Windows 10 and they are going to introduce Continuity feature (adapted from OS X). Some of the interesting features is expected to arrive with Continuity is listed below:

  • Suppose you are writing an email on PC and then you can resume your email writing where you left off in your phone, Sound great ?, Yes it is !
  • You will be able to make call from your PC, using Mobile Cellular connection
  • Imagine you are using Microsoft Edge and surfing the Bing, and if you open Edge on your PC, it opens the tab,page where you left in phone

However, Microsoft will also provide improved continuum controls on SDK, so third-party devs can enjoy this benefit too.

For now Microsoft is soon going to sign off Windows 10 TH2 (Fall update) sometime next week or later. There is a long journey left for Windows Redstone, and we hope for the best.

Source: WinBeta