Microsoft Translator has announced the addition of yet another 6 new language added to it growing list of speech translation. With this addition, a total of 36 speech translation languages are currently available across all Microsoft Translator supported technologies and products. These languages are now supported through Microsoft Translator speech APIs as well.

Text to speech audio output allows you to play translated text in its native accent.

Say, for instance, you are visiting a museum in Vietnam—you’ve found the building but can’t find the entrance. You can just type, “Where is the entrance to the museum?” into your Microsoft Translator app to translate to Vietnamese, push the speaker button for text to speech, and you can play the audio to ask for assistance.

The following languages are now available for text to speech, with new languages in bold:


 Arabic Croatian French Indonesian Polish Spanish
 Bulgarian Czech German Italian Portuguese Swedish
 Cantonese Danish Greek Japanese Romanian Tamil
 Catalan Dutch Hebrew Korean Russian Thai
 Chinese (Simplified) English Hindi Malay Slovak Turkish
 Chinese (Traditional) Finnish Hungarian Norwegian Slovenian Vietnamese