Windows Store Analytics

After admitting that Microsoft has no intention to further develop Windows 10 Mobile and will only push Bug fixes and security updates, Joe Belfiore has also admitted that app devs are not interested as well. The tweet may sound like the “moment of truth” as this is the official admission that Microsoft has no hopes of catching up other platforms in terms of apps.

So, Joe Belfiore has revealed in his tweet how hard Microsoft has tried to incentivize apps developers. They have paid money to devs, even wrote apps for them. But the low volume of users is why most dev companies don’t want to invest.

This again is half-truth as most of Windows 10 Mobile/Lumia fans will remember how deadly was the blow offered by Nadella to the Windows Mobile ecosystem. He abruptly changed the volume strategy followed by Balmer to achieve a critical volume base for Windows 10 Mobile. This led to the current sorry situation which ultimately will take Windows 10 Mobile as we know to its grave.