Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft is kicking off the Build 2017 developer conference early next month, on May 11 in Seattle, WA. Being a developer focused event, this year Microsoft is planning to honor the work developers have put in building and publishing some amazing Windows 10 UWP experiences in the Windows Store by organising its first-ever Windows Developer Awards.

The Windows Developer Award will be given as a recognition to the person who has created the most compelling app or game, over the past year, and takes full advantage of the Universal Windows Platform capabilities.

The awards have been categorised in 4 major sections:

  • App Creator of the Year – This award recognizes an app leveraging the latest Windows 10 capabilities. Some developers are pioneers, the first to explore and integrate the latest features in Windows 10 releases. This award honors those who made use of features like Ink, Dial, Cortana, and other features in creative ways.
  • Game Creator of the Year – This award recognizes a game by a first-time publisher in Windows Store. Windows is the best gaming platform–and it’s easy to see why. From Xbox to PCs to mixed reality, developers are creating the next generation of gaming experiences. This award recognizes developers who went above and beyond to publish innovative, engaging and magical games to the Windows Store over the last year.
  • Reality Mixer of the Year – This award recognizes the app demonstrating a unique mixed reality experience. Windows Mixed Reality lets developers create experiences that transcend the traditional view of reality. This award celebrates those who choose to mix their own view of the world by blending digital and real-world content in creative ways.
  • Core Maker of the Year – This award recognizes a maker project powered by Windows. Some devs talk about the cool stuff they could build–others just do it. This award applauds those who go beyond the traditional software interface to integrate Windows in drones, PIs, gardens, and robots to get stuff done.

Ninja Cat of the Year Award
In addition, a Ninja Cat of the Year award has also been organised as a special recognition for empowering the masses to achieve more.

This award celebrates the developer or experience that we believe most reflects what Windows is all about, empowering people of action to do great things.

To cast your vote for your favourite app or game creator, head to this page. Cast you vote and let Microsoft know who has created the most eye-catching experience and take away the Windows Developer Award. Vote quickly, because voting will end on 4/27 at 11:50 PM PST.