Your Phone app

Microsoft is looking to further enhance the Your Phone app experience on Windows 10. (Via

Currently available to Insiders, the latest update carries a lot of visual enhancements, improvements and a separate space for your Android phone contacts.

Contacts (in preview)

First up there is a new ‘Contact’ section which displays all the currently saved contacts on your Android smartphone. From the layout, one can easily guess that the UI resembles to that of the Microsoft People app on Windows 10.

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This feature is still in preview, and Microsoft has enabled the functionality to call and message any contact directly from the PC.

Sent from phone

This new section will allow you to collect any images, notes and links etc. sent from your Android smartphone with the Your Phone app.

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Settings Overhaul + My Devices

Further more, the Settings is getting a complete overhaul with a new My Devices section which displays all the connected/linked Android devices.

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