Microsoft has updated Microsoft’s Bing Speech API with support for 6 new languages, bringing the total number of available languages to 34.

Powered by the latest AI technology, these 34 languages are available across 48 locales and 78 voice fonts. Through a single API, developers can access the latest-generation of speech recognition and TTS models.

Following are the new languages that are added :

  • Bulgarian (language code: bg-BG)
  • Croatian (hr-HR)
  • Malaysia (ms-MY)
  • Slovenian (sl-SI)
  • Tamil (ta-IN)
  • Vietnamese (vi-VN)

This Text-to-Speech API can be integrated by developers for a broad set of use cases. It can be used on its own for accessibility, hand-free communication or media consumption, or any other machine-to-human interactions. It can also be combined with other Cognitive Services APIs such as the Speech to Text and Language Understanding ones to create comprehensive voice driven solutions, online or on device.