Surface Pro 3

It looks like Microsoft already has a name for its upcoming Surface tablet which is said to be an iPad Pro killer. Microsoft watcher WalkingCat has revealed on Twitter that the much-rumored Surface device might be called Surface Lex. The device might be the first ever Microsoft device that actually has a USB C with Thunderbolt 3 and an LTE connectivity.

We earlier reported that Microsoft is working on something that is built to compete with Apple’s much appreciated iPad Pro. The news earlier was considered as a rumour by many of enthusiasts or follower but this kind of leaks are only making things more conspicuous to admit its authenticity.

This is not all! It looks like Microsoft also has a name for the device’s type cover. According to WalkingCat, the type cover might be called as Gibs. It is not clear whether the type will have an Alcantara fabric on top of it or not as we said earlier that the device will be the cheapest Surface ever from Microsoft. Although it will be nice if Microsoft put Alcantara on top of the type cover and it will also be an important distinction as far as the look and feel of the type cover are concerned.