Originally debuted as Microsoft Apps on Google Play store was just an app that just provided us with a list of all the Microsoft apps on Android. While it was helpful, Microsoft Apps did not have any purpose and could not perform any meaningful tasks. The Microsoft Apps is now rebranded as Your Phone Companion on Google Play store and it is trending on the number one position.

People who follow Microsoft knows what is all about. We also put Your Phone Companion on the top Microsoft app on Android list. Those unaware, Microsoft Apps successor, You Phone Companion once installed on your Android smartphone will provide a easy access to all your photos on your phone right from your PC. That is not all, you can also send, receive a text on your PC on Your Phone app on PC.

One thing to remember here is that there are a lot more to come in the coming days. So, it would be interesting to see with all of these enticing stuff if Microsoft manage to revive their image in the consumer space.