Microsft today released a new update for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition (beta). The latest update brings cross-platform multiplayer support, and the ability to play up to 4 Xbox Live friends in online multiplayer and more.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition (beta) Changelog:

  • NEW! For the first time ever, play cross-platform multiplayer on your local network with up to 4 friends using Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

  • NEW! Play in the beta with up to 4 of your Xbox LIVE friends both near and far in online multiplayer.

  • NEW! Buff up your equipment with special effects from enchanting tables.

  • Switch seamlessly between your favored method of input – controller, touch, or mouse & keyboard can be activated and used in an instant.

  • Record and share your feats to the web with Xbox LIVE GameDVR.

  • Take advantage of limitless supplies and make anything you can imagine in Creative Mode.

  • Mine for precious items, craft tools, go on exciting adventures, and defend yourself from the creatures of the night in Survival Mode.

  • Immerse yourself in a gigantic world with new enhancements to weather effects – snow accumulation, softer transitions and even THUNDERSNOW.

  • Also features chickens, zombies, pigs, boats, armed skeletons, po ta toes, zombies, baby squids, enchanted items, villagers, naked sheep, iron golems, potions, ghasts, pickaxes, carrots, and lots, lots more.

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