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Mozilla’s Firefox 59 Released with faster page load times & several new features


Today, Mozilla announced the release of Firefox version 59.0 with faster page load times, prevents Cross-Site Tracking, better private browsing, and Android Assist.

Also, Firefox 59 comes with several performance improvements and new features.

See what’s new in Firefox!


  • Performance enhancements:
    – Faster load times for content on the Firefox Home page
    – Faster page load times by loading either from the networked cache or the cache on the user’s hard drive (Race Cache With Network)
    – Improved graphics rendering using Off-Main-Thread Painting (OMTP) for Mac users (OMTP for Windows and Linux was released in Firefox 58)
  • Drag-and-drop to rearrange Top Sites on the Firefox Home page, and customize new windows and tabs in other ways
  • Added features for Firefox Screenshots:
    – Basic annotation lets the user draw on and highlight saved screenshots
    – Recropping to change the viewable area of saved screenshots
  • Enhanced WebExtensions API including better support for decentralized protocols and the ability to dynamically register content scripts
  • Improved Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities.
    – Implemented RTP Transceiver to give pages more fine-grained control over calls
    – Implemented features to support large-scale conferences
  • Added support for W3C specs for pointer events and improved platform integration with added device support for mouse, pen, and touch screen pointer input
  • Added the Ecosia search engine as an option for German Firefox
  • Added the Qwant search engine as an option for French Firefox
  • Added settings in about: preferences to stop websites from asking to send notifications or access your device’s camera, microphone, and location, while still allowing trusted websites to use these features


  • Various security fixes


  • Firefox Private Browsing Mode will remove path information from referrers to prevent cross-site tracking

Download new version of FireFox 59 here.

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