MuseScore 2 app is now available to download from Windows Store. Right now this app is available only for Windows 10 PC. This is cross-platform, multi-lingual, open source music notation software.

It features an easy to use WYSIWYG editor with audio score playback for results that look and sound beautiful

This app already enjoys good rating and reviews and the best part of is that it is FREE!!

MuseScore 2 Features:

* Unlimited score length

* Unlimited number of staves per system

* Up to four independent voices per staff

* Score creation wizard and templates

* Automatic part extraction and transposition

* Repeats, including segnos, codas, and measure repeats

* Dynamics, articulations, and other expression markings, with playback support for most

* Custom text markings

* Lyrics

* Chord symbols * Jazz notation, including lead sheets, slash notation and a “handwritten” font for text

* Swing and shuffle playback

* Mixer for instrument levels and effects

* Percussion notation

* Early music notation

* Cross-staff beaming

* Import of graphics

* Custom key signatures

* Additive time signatures

* User-defined score styles

You can download the app from the given link below.

MuseScore 3
MuseScore 3
Developer: MuseScore BVBA
Price: Free