myTube Windows 10

myTube for Windows 10 is one of the few apps that completely change the way you watch YouTube videos on your desktop or the Xbox console.

This power packed third-party YouTube client app for Windows and Xbox is being updated to v4.0 and quite frankly, is the biggest update yet in the past few years.

What’s new in version 4.0

  • A whole new Fluent Design UI, built to be easier to use and navigate! The app also has a new icon!
  • myTube is now free to download and use.
  • Purchasing myTube Pro from within the app can enable more features!
  • Added the ability to clip videos into a short GIF or MP4 (myTube Pro – PC/mobile)
  • Added the ability to schedule automatic theme and color scheme changes at different times of the day (myTube Pro)
  • The features to create your own color scheme and to receive notifications from an unlimited number of channels have been made part of myTube Pro
  • The side menu is now accessible throughout the entire app, additionally videos, playlists and channels can now be pinned to the side menu
  • Added the option to show channels you’re subscribed to directly in the side menu
  • Recommended videos now have their own section on the home page
  • Added support for YouTube’s recommended topics
  • Thumbnails can now show an animated preview of the video when moused over (or when they receive focus on Xbox)
  • You can now enter theater mode with Ctrl+T, and Ctrl+P to enter Picture-in-Picture
  • Added the ability to rearrange the playback queue
  • Added the ability to choose between PC and Xbox thumbnails
  • The app can now detect better handle premiere videos
  • Video timestamps can now be read from URLs in the clipboard
  • Increased unity between Xbox and PC UI, with most pages being shared between the two platforms


Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: Free