The third party YouTube app MyTube for Windows 10 devices is getting a new update for Windows 10 Mobile, PC and Xbox One. The latest update version is 3.3.10.

In terms of changes, the latest update brings option to delete your own comments to the context menu ,rotation and scale animations to ‘up next’ dots & more.Check out the full changelog below.


New in 3.3.10 ========

– Fixed major crash on devices running the anniversary update

– Added option to delete your own comments to the context menu

– Added rotation and scale animations to ‘up next’ dots

– Fixed start up crash due to inadequate data existing in the saved account info

– Video player is now clipped under the header in order to avoid visual glitches with transparent headers

– (PC & Mobile) ‘True Black/White’ color scheme now uses a transparent header bar and other minor color changes

– (PC & Mobile) Added option to refresh comments to the context menu

– (PC) Now using the built-in AcrylicBrush for the app’s background

– (PC) Theatre mode setting now persists cross sessions

– (PC) The button to show details/comments in theatre mode is now visible when a video isn’t playing

– (PC) Changed theatre mode icons

– (PC) Fixed issue where the cursor disappeared while picking captions in fullscreen

– (Mobile & Tablet Mode) Fixed potential crash from the account menu, due to a reference in a visual state setter having the wrong name

You can download the updated app from the link given below.

Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: Free