Super Bomb Rush! is now available to download from Xbox One Store. This is an video game developed and published by Curvature Systems.

Game graphics look good and this game already enjoys good rating and reviews. If you like to play challenging video games then you will definitely like this game.

The game is priced at $14.49. This is a hugely challenging, retro inspired bomb defusal game in which you get to, well, defuse bombs.

Super Bomb Rush! Desription:

This a quick fire, highly challenging, retro inspired, bomb defusal arcade smash! You’ll need nerves of steel and pixel perfect timing to overcome an onslaught of twitchy, insta-kill bombs, only to discover that the better you get, the more complex the bomb engine becomes!


– Addictive, challenging, yet rewarding bomb defusal action!

– Arcade Mode beckons with 50 intense bombs to conquer!

– Versus Mode allows you to challenge a friend to a duel to the boom!

– Co-op Mode allows you and a friend (or friends!) to work together to overcome the barrage as a team!

– Goal Rush Mode is a unique, stage-based quest mode where you tackle fiendish challenges!

– Delve deeper into SBR! by completing special Challenges that unlock super-secret content!

– Music produced by ArgoFox. A soundtrack so full of pure energy and filthy bass, it should be made illegal!

You can download the game from the given link below.

Super Bomb Rush!
Super Bomb Rush!
Price: $7.49