Microsoft Office on Android is picking an update for those in the Office Insider Program (Slow).

Office for Android Build 16.0.13328.20026 has been released with a couple of improvements to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.


Default Mobile View 

Your Word documents will now open in Mobile View, which offers a better viewing experience.  


Delegate mailboxes 

Delegate mailboxes allow you to give permissions to manage your mail to someone else in your organization, allowing you to accelerate your productivity through others. Delegates can now add other mailboxes and grant permissions from Outlook mobile, allowing their delegates to send email on behalf of that mailbox.  

Book a workspace 

You can now book a workspace in Outlook. Similar to how you would book a conference room, see the availability of workspaces in your building and book a seat. 

Microsoft 365 (Office)
Microsoft 365 (Office)