Office Lens

Microsoft has released a pretty useful update for Office Lens in the Google Play Store for Android. The latest update, version 16.0.8431.1009, is now rolling out and comes with a major new feature.

Office Lens users can now scan multiple images and save them all as single PDF, a Word or PowerPoint file on OneDrive, or simply export them as images to a OneNote location.

For first time users of Office Lens, creating a free account will unlock premium features such as free 5 GB OneDrive storage, text extraction from an image (OCR) and the ability to save in multiple file formats. This is pretty awesome.

Office lens - Scan multiple images

Here is how to scan multiple images and save them as single file or PDF

  1. Find and open Office Lens app
  2. Click a picture while in Document Mode etc.
  3. Once clicked, tap on the + button and click another.
  4. When finished clicking pictures, Tap on save
  5. Put on a decent title for the file and don’t forget to select PDF from the list of save options. (You can also save the individual pictures to gallery).

Quick Tip: If you clicked a picture in the wrong mode (say Whiteboard), just select the picture and tap on the mode button, pick the right one. Office Lens will generate the suitable output in no time!

Office lens - Free 5GB OneDrive Storage, OCR

To get 5 GB OneDrive storage, OCR and the ability to save in multiple file formats, tap on the three dots or menu button and select settings. Select Manage accounts and tap on add account.

Sign up for a free account to receive the exclusive benefits.

Find the update in the Google Play Store below.