Microsoft today announces a bunch of new features for OneDrive on both Android and iOS. The set of new features will hit OneDrive users by the end of this month. The new features include Mobile Capture Scenarios, Meeting Note Sharing, and to name a few.

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming features:

Mobile Capture Scenarios

Microsoft is now extending scan functionality in the OneDrive mobile apps, meaning you can now use OneDrive to scan Documents, images, whiteboards, and more. With that being said, the new Mobile Capture feature, you can now add custom metadata to anything you scan with the app. Simply start the scan from the Library you want to add it to, and after capturing the scan, the metadata fields will appear for you to edit in the app. The image and metadata will both be added to the library you’ve selected.

Meeting Note Sharing

When taking a scan of meeting notes, the updated OneDrive mobile apps will now prompt you to share the scan with the meeting invitees. OneDrive is making use of the Microsoft Graph( connects your files, scans, meetings and more together) to deliver this feature.

Common Sharing Dialog

This update will bring sharing experience to the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps so that your content stays secure.