The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is PDF Assistant PRO. This app gives you the ability to work with any pdf files. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly design, everyone can understand how to work with it,

App details:

Name: PDF Assistant PRO

Developer: Roxy

Standard Price:$7.99

Promotion Price: $0.00

Start date: 2nd June
End date: 3rd June

PDF Assistant PRO Features:

  • Draw in document
  • Copy text to buffer
  • View password-protected files
  • Markup the text
  • Friendly UI
  • Draw figures
  • Save modified files
  • Support for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Insert text into a document

Download it now and save $ 7.99.

You can download the app from the link given below.

PDF Assistant PRO
PDF Assistant PRO
Developer: Roxy
Price: $2.99